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School projects

Some of the school projects that I have worked on.

Cinema ticket system

Cinema ticket system thumbnail One of the projects during my study was to build a system for a fictional cinema, which we called Cinépolis, where you could order tickets for a movie. To make this possible, we built three subsystems.

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Android apps

Android apps thumbnail One of the semesters during my study had us developing several Android app. The purpose of this was to learn of the possibilities you have when developing for Android.

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File sync protocol app

File sync protocol app thumbnail For 'Networking' class we built a client-server application for synchronising files using a protocol we had to design ourselves.

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Secure web server

Secure web server thumbnail For 'Security' class we had to build a secure web server using TCP sockets for handling the HTTP requests, that could navigated with a browser.

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Wesley Donker

Software Engineer

The Netherlands