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About me

My name is Wesley Donker and I am a software developer with .NET (C#) as my specialization.

Technology has always been something that interested me. When I arrived at secondary school I choose the direction of electrical engineering. After graduating I began studying mechatronics because I liked the idea of programming machines.

But eventually I realized it wasn't for me and that I was more interested in ICT because of my interests for computers and technology. Although I didn't have a lot of experience, I did spend a lot of my free time on creating simple webpages and modifications for videogames.

I decided I was going to study ICT, more specifically software development. A decision I do not regret.

I'm currently working as a developer at a company that makes email marketing software, among other things. Here I spend time building, maintaining and expanding both new and existing software.

I enjoy spending my free time with my girlfriend, or keeping myself busy with a good movie, TV show, book or game. I'm also taking snowboard lessons and lessons for learning how to play the (electric) guitar. Finally, I also like to work on my own little software projects to keep my knowledge up to date.

Wesley Donker

Software Engineer

The Netherlands