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Android apps

Added on 2016-09-16 13:38:00 UTC
Modified on 2021-06-22 16:57:02 UTC

One of the semesters during my study had us developing several Android app. The purpose of this was to learn of the possibilities you have when developing for Android. Android Studio was used here to develop the apps.

Airport app

Source on Github

The Airport app loads a CSV file containing all the airports in the world into an SQLite database. It then shows an overview of all the airports, grouped by country name, and allows you to quickly and easily scroll through the list. You also have the ability to filter on the name or country of the airport.

When you select an airport it will show an overview with information, as well as a map. The map shows the distance from Schiphol, The Netherlands to the selected airport, using a great circle.

Airport app - overview Airport app - filtered overview Airport app - details Airport app - details in landscape

Philips Hue app

Source on Github

The goal of this app was to have an asynchronous communication with the Philips Hue API.

The app shows an overview of all the available Hue lamps. When you select one, you'll have the ability to alter its settings. You can enable or disable the lamp but you can also change its brightness, hue and saturation.

Although it's was possible to use the app for actual Hue lamps, an emulator was mostly used during development which allows you to make the same kind of calls you'd make to the real API.

Hue app - overview Hue app - details Hue app - emulator

Contact Card app

This app connects with the Random User Generator API to retrieve information from random people and store them into an SQLite database. Aside from working with SQLite, the goal was also to work with fragments in Android.

The app shows an overview with the people you have loaded into the list. A button lets you add a new person to this list.

When you select a person from the list, you'll have the option to remove them. If you hold your device in portrait mode, you'll get a button that will show a new screen with information about this person when pressed. If you are holding your device in landscape mode, the details will be shown next to the list of people, so not in a separate screen.

Contact card app - overview Contact card app - details Contact card app - fragments in landscape

Wesley Donker

Software Engineer

The Netherlands