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About this website

I enjoy working on my own little projects, for fun and to gain more experience. The same goes for what I do at work. So I thought it was time to get me my own little place on the World Wide Web where I can show who I am, what I do, what I learn and what I can.

Sometime after registering the domain name it was finally time to start building the website. I wanted to build it from scratch, so no existing CMS or anything like that. The idea was to start simple, but I couldn't help myself and the website became one big experiment. I wanted to gain more experience with techniques and libraries that I only briefly worked with so far and I wanted to add more features that I originally planned to add later. Some of the things I've built are a bit overkill, but I learned a lot from it.

When I was finally satisfied it was time to bring the website online. But I still have a lot of new ideas for this website that I want to add in the future.

Wesley Donker

Software Engineer

The Netherlands