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Cinema ticket system

Added on 2016-09-16 14:58:37 UTC

One of the projects during my study was to build a system for a fictional cinema, which we called Cinépolis, where you could order tickets for a movie. To make this possible, we built the following three subsystems:

  • A front page where you can order tickets
  • A simplified version of the front page for touchscreens
  • A backend for administrators to manage everything

The website had to be multilingual (Dutch and English) and aside from just ordering tickets, you also had to have the ability to subscribe to a newsletter and to fill in surveys about the cinema and its movies.

The front page

The front page is the website you visit with your internet browser. The header has links for registration, login and language selection.

The navigation menu below allows you to search a film by name and to navigate to the following pages:

  • An overview of films that are shown in the next seven days and you can order tickets for (homepage)
  • A page with the latest news
  • A page with new films that will be shown in the future
  • And a page where you can fill in a survey about a specific film

The difficult part was to build the ticket ordering functionality. You can select a day and one of the films for that day. When you choose to order tickets for this movie, you'll be guided through a wizard of sorts. Using this wizard, you can choose which tickets and discounts you want and also which seats you want to reserve.

Frontpage - film selection Frontpage - seat selection

The touchscreen

The touchscreen is a simplified version of the front page. It only contains the functionality to order tickets, but also allows you to print these tickets with a QR code. In reality, the touchscreen version would run on machines in the cinema itself.

The backend

The backend allows administrators to manage the films that are shown. They can also send newsletters to the people that are subscribed. Finally, you can also see the results from the surveys that were filled in by visitors. Here, you can filter on a specific movie or time for more detailed results.

Backend - login resposive design Backend - survey results

Wesley Donker

Software Engineer

The Netherlands