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Subscription management system

Added on 2018-12-01 14:27:00 UTC

One of the bigger projects that I have worked on is the development of a subscription management system for a large European customer. Below you'll find a summary of the features of this system.

What can the subscribers do?

The system allows users to subscribe and unsubscribe using the subscriber management system itself or via the customer's website.

Subscribers can specify for which subjects they wish to receive email or SMS messages. They can choose in which languages they would like to receive the content as well as the frequency for receiving these messages: directly, daily or weekly.

If they choose to receive them daily or weekly, they will instead receive one single message containing the abbreviated texts for all of the items that match the subscriber's preferences, as well as links to the full items themselves.

What can the customer do?

The subscriber management system is connected to the system of the customer by a web API specifically created for that purpose.

Once an article has been published by the customer, a message will immediately be sent out to those subscribed to this type of content, or later if they chose to receive their content daily or weekly.

The customer also has the ability to manage the subscribers, types of subscriptions, and more using a backend application. This backend application can also be used for manually sending out emails as well as viewing reports and statistics.

Wesley Donker

Software Engineer

The Netherlands