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Special times

Written on 2021-06-11 18:58:29 UTC

We're living in strange times. What started out as a virus in a faraway country grew out into a pandemic that completely changed our daily lives in a rapid fashion. With the relaxation of the current restrictions and the vaccinations, it seems there's finally a light at the end of the tunnel. But I'm keeping my expectations in check to avoid any possible disappointments. That said, even though corona has affected me just as every other person on the planet, I must say that 2020 and 2021 have brought me a lot of interesting and positive things as well.

A new life

Earlier this year I left Dordrecht behind and moved into a new home in The Hague, together with my girlfriend. Although to be honest, we were practically already living together because of the corona restrictions and lockdowns, but now it's really official. We found a big but cozy apartment in a quiet neighborhood and we're feeling right at home here. And now that the relaxation of the restrictions allow it, we're finally able to get to know the city as well.

Changes at work

Aside from my personal life there have also been some changes regarding the work that I do. Corona made sure that I could only see or speak my colleagues digitally most of the time. Luckily I was still allowed to work at the office, since it was only a 10 minute walk away and I had no good place to work at home when I still lived in Dordrecht. But there was also a takeover and merger with another company, which caused a lot of changes as well. One of these changes was that the office would move from Dordrecht to Rotterdam. Coincidentally the moving date was on the exact day that I would move to The Hague. Thankfully I do have a good place to work in my new place and I finally had to accept that I would be working from home. I must say I've gotten quite used to it, but I do prefer separating home and work and meeting my colleagues in real life. Luckily this is now finally possible since we're able to work at the office a few days a week with a limited number of people.

The future

What the near future may bring is a mystery. Hopefully we will be able to do more and more (I really want to go on vacation to another country again!) and we can return to our regular lives quickly. But for now I'm enjoying building a new life here, together. A new home, new city and a new future. And I really like it!

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Wesley Donker

Software Engineer

The Netherlands